City Plaza Singapore

The City Plaza in Paya Lebar is active on Sundays

City Plaza also comes alive in Sundays. It is not impossible to find locals and foreigners having a picnic at a nearby field and sit under the trees of sightseeing beyond Geylang River.

While Park Place Residences has become the largest urban mixed development in the region, this 33 years old mall is also known as Singapore’s largest urban fashion wholesale center with over a dozens of retails and eateries inside.

City Plaza in Paya Lebar has become a famous gathering spot for maids most from Indonesia and Bangladesh, in the last decade.

According to Ms. Yuli, that the population of the foreigners here on Sundays has been quite increasing in the recent years and that It could be the result of more foreigners working here.

Since the beginning of 2015, new maids have been given a day off every week or a day’s wages in lieu.

According to a construction worker who was the at the mall at that time on Sunday with his friends and his Indonesian girlfriend that most people with Indonesian girlfriends go here while most with Filipino girlfriends go to the Lucky Plaza in Orchard.

The owner of the Lucky Fine Unisex Saloon, Ms. Candy Sim, has been working in the mall for 20 years. She stated that they were simply there to have fun and eat, and most of them are women. She even expected more foreigners to visit the place and she was only concerned if some of them got drunk.

An Indonesian maid also stated while in the picnic that it was nice that they were able to meet her friends here while they have fun and that she visits the place at least once a month with her friend, Tumiem. She also added that it was nice to come out here and it’s like having a fresh outlook from all the work she’s been through plus there’s cheap food and it’s like their kampong.

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